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Darren Cefalu, a Certified Addictions Professional at G&G Holistic Treatment Center, discusses alternative spirituality and how it fits into holistic addiction treatment.

As we know spirituality is probably the biggest component of any healthy recovery plan. When we talk about spirituality oftentimes it’s difficult for a lot of people to engage something that’s related to a power greater than themselves.

Spirituality plays a tremendous role in helping people overcome all kinds of mental health dysfunction. The reason is because most people who suffer from the disease of addiction, depression and anxiety are dealing with racing thoughts.


Quantum Recovery

Racing thoughts are the foundation of all the issues that we experience. Each and every one of us, of course, has a brain, or a head, and what happens is when we create a thought, whether it be a positive or a negative thought, it creates some kind of energy.

The problem is when we produce a negative thought that races – either a thought related to the past that creates sadness or a thought related to the future that creates anxiety – that thought becomes louder, and louder, and louder, and louder. We need to find a way to shut it off.

One of the reasons we use substances is because it shuts off the frontal lobe of the brain. These substances include Adderall, Xanax, alcohol, any of those benzodiazepines, opiates, even cocaine, which is a stimulant shown to reduce the glucose metabolism in the front of the brain. That means the brain is no longer breaking down glucose, synthesizing it into usable energy to create thought.

The front of the brain coincidentally is the place that allows us to think about the potential of the future based on the results of the past, so when this is shut down, people get into a very “now” state, and that’s why substances and substance use becomes so rewarding.

When we talk about spirituality using the idea of spirituality and alternative spirituality is, if I put out good energy, good energy is going to come back to me. With traditional religious beliefs, if I pray, then my prayer will be answered.

By having this understanding that you’re connected to something, it shuts down this ability to race in thought over and over again, and it allows us to accept things and understand things – even surrender to things – as they are creating a lot less dysfunction and a lot less suffering in life.

So regardless of the substance use or the behavior that we are dealing with if it’s an addictive behavior — gambling, overeating, sex addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorders – all of these things are designed to create a change in brain chemistry.

Religion, spirituality, a connection to a higher power, also does this, and it does this by creating the feel good chemicals, dopamine and serotonin. By putting ourselves in a relaxed, calm, peaceful state and creating these good chemicals we increase our mood, and we create a very positive mood.

Over the years we’ve learned different techniques to do this. One of the things we do at G&G is we use things such as vibroacoustic therapy where we use certain tones.

These tones are designed to change our brain wave activity.

One of the things we also do that’s unique to G&G is we do a program called “Drumming Off Drugs.” Yes, we use drums! We use African Djembe drums which produce certain tones [sounds].

These tones are paramount to what goes on in the brainwave activity. When people consistently hear these tones, it reduces a racing thought similar to what substance use would do, but in a much more healthy way.

By continually drumming and focusing on what you’re doing, you slow down racing thoughts, and you improve your ability to have a connection to basically something deeper. It’s been really successful.

The Drumming Off Drugs Program has helped reduce AMA rates (leaving treatment against medical advice) significantly. I developed that with a gentleman by the name of Steve Harrarus who has a program as well, so unique to G&G we do rhythmic drumming.

It’s worked out really well, and it uses a lot of the ancient African and Native American traditions to help people connect to something, ultimately giving us a sense of peace, a sense of tranquility in a very healthy and productive, and consistently replicable manner.


Quantum Recovery

Quantum Recovery



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