Alcohol Recovery

This Special Report on Alcohol Recovery is presented by Carl Arrogante, a marriage and family therapist and addiction specialist.

Alcohol Recovery: What happens after treatment?

The recovery process has its challenges. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it also requires the right environment for successful sober recovery.

When addicts and alcoholics get out of treatment they often struggle to maintain the recovery if they head straight back to their old lives. This is where sober living homes come in.

Sober living is a great place for addicts and alcoholics to begin the recovery process after they get out of treatment.


Alcohol Recovery

Individual counseling

Post-treatment counseling is where the psychological component of addiction can continue to be addressed.

Helping the client to overcome a number of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder known as PTSD.

By considering the continuing care and counseling and its many benefits, the individual’s efforts are less likely to lead to a relapse.

Life-Skill Classes

The way to recovery involves repairing the damage that addiction has done. Without this repair, every day may be a struggle.

After the cravings of substance abuse have been alleviated, a person must find relief from guilt and the ability to solve problems again.

Life skill classes help the individual to get reintegrated into the community as a clean and sober person.

Twelve-step meetings

Twelve-step programs are available throughout the world. Many treatments begin to teach the principles of the twelve steps in the early stages of recovery.

Family or relationship counseling

Family likely played a role in the development of the individuals addiction. It may have been a critical factor in the decision to choose to go to treatment.

Each person may have been hurt by the individual in a different way as they went through their addiction and journey to accept treatment.

Each one of them will benefit from attending certain therapeutic sessions with the individual and the recovery will benefit as well.


Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol Recovery



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