Codeine Withdrawal and Detox

Siobhan Morse, the executive director of the National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies, discusses Codeine withdrawal and detox in this Special Report.

What is codeine?

Codeine is an opiate which metabolizes into morphine in the body and is used for its pain-relieving properties.

It is prescribed medically to treat mild to moderate pain and to relieve cough and occasionally to treat diarrhea.

Codeine is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world and is approved for medical use.

Codeine is also a well-known prescription drug that is commonly known as Tylenol 3 in North America.


Codeine Withdrawal and Detox

What is codeine withdrawal?

Codeine withdrawal is when individuals experience physical and psychological symptoms as a result of abrupt cessation of use of the opiate drug codeine.

The longer someone takes codeine, the more their body will become used to it.

This dependence causes the individual to have to take high levels of the drug to achieve the desired effect.

Thus, when individuals are asked to terminate the use of codeine, or when those who are abusing the drug try to quit, they will exhibit codeine withdrawal symptoms.

Codeine withdrawal symptoms are similar to those experienced in heroin withdrawal.

The effects are so similar that a heroin addict may try to get their hands on codeine to ward off the effects of a withdrawal.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of codeine?

The withdrawal symptoms of codeine include: shakiness, diarrhea, cravings, anxiety, pain, flu-like symptoms and muscle aches.

What is codeine detox?

Treatment for codeine addiction is similar to treating other opioid addictions.

Admission to a medically supervised detox clinic will help the user to manage the negative withdrawal symptoms.

In order to minimize these effects, it is recommended to gradually reduce the use of codeine with the help of a healthcare profession.

Indeed, once the acute effects of codeine withdrawal are under control and primary detoxification is achieved, the focus of codeine addiction treatment will shift to helping the patient overcome future temptation by addressing pressing lifestyle and emotional issues.


Codeine Withdrawal and Detox

Codeine Withdrawal and Detox



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