Dilaudid Withdrawal and Detox

Siobhan Morse, the executive director of The National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies, discusses Dilaudid Withdrawal and Detox in this Special Report.

What is Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is an analgesic narcotic with an addiction liability similar to that of morphine.

Dilaudid is apparent within 15 minutes and remains in effect for more than five hours.

Dilaudid is approximately eight times more potent on a milligram basis than morphine and is often called drugstore heroin on the streets.

What are the effects of Dilaudid?


Dilaudid Withdrawal and Detox

Dilaudid addiction is typically fueled by the constant need to get more of the drug to prevent going into withdrawal.

Dilaudid dependence occurs when an individual develops a physical and mental dependence to the drug over time.

When Dilaudid use is stopped, the individual may experience uncomfortable and painful responses as a result.

Most individuals report strong cravings for Dilaudid during withdrawal and withdrawal symptoms can be very similar to those experienced in heroin withdrawal.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of Dilaudid?

The withdrawal symptoms of Dilaudid include: anxiety, flu-like symptoms, hallucinations, loss of appetite, mood swings, pain, difficulty sleeping, and upper-respiratory problems.

What is Dilaudid detox?

When Dilaudid use is stopped abruptly, these withdrawal symptoms can be severe.

Persons who are addicted to Dilaudid usually enter a substance medical detox in which the withdrawal effects and symptoms can be minimized at a safe and steady pace under supervision of a medical doctor.

This kind of medical drug detox program has been proven safer, faster, and more reliably comfortable than other systems.


Dilaudid Withdrawal and Detox

Dilaudid Withdrawal and Detox



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