Bath Salt Addiction

Bath Salt Addiction is the subject of this Special Report by Carl Arrogante, a family therapist and addiction specialist.

What are bath salts?

Bath salts are the informal street name for a family of designer drugs often containing a substitute chemical called cathinone which gives a similar high to methamphetamine or cocaine.


Bath Salt Addiction

Cathinone increases the release of dopamine, having similar effects to the amphetamine and cocaine.

The white crystals resemble legal bathing products like Epsom salts and are called bath salts with the packaging often states “not for human consumption.”

It is an attempt to circumvent prohibition of the drugs, but chemically they have nothing to do with actual bath salts.

What are the effects of bath salts?

Short-term effects include very severe paranoia that sometimes causes the users to harm themselves or others.

Effects reported to control centers include: suicidal thoughts, agitation, combative violent behavior, confusion, hallucinations or psychosis, increased heart rate, hypertension, chest pain, death, or serious injury.

The speed of onset is 15 minutes while the length of the high is anywhere from four to six hours.

What is bath salt addiction and abuse?

Excessive bath salt usage can cause loss of appetite, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, hallucinations, and panic attack.

Chronic abusers are at the risk of developing personality disorders and others sustaining myocardial infarction.

What are the side effects of bath salts?

Elevated heart rate, hypertension, irritability, extreme paranoia, delusions of super-human strength, invincibility, hallucinations, suicide, aggressive and violent behavior and even possibly murder.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of bath salts?

Fatigue, depression, decreased appetite, too much sleep or an ability to sleep, melancholy, anxiety, and psychotic behaviors.


Bath Salt Addiction

Bath Salt Addiction



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