Actiq Withdrawal and Detox

In this Special Report, Siobhan Morse, the executive director of the National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies, discusses Actiq Withdrawal and Detox.

What is Actiq?

Actiq, also known as fentanyl, is a narcotic opioid pain medication used to treat breakthrough pain. Actiq comes as a lozenge on a handle.

These are flares of pain that break through regularly scheduled maintenance pain medication, especially in people with cancer.

Just like all narcotic medications the potential for abuse is high with Actiq.


Actiq Withdrawal and Detox

What is Actiq withdrawal?

If you are planning to discontinue the use of Actiq, a gradual dosage decrease is recommended as it is not known what dose level the drug may be discontinued without producing signs and symptoms of abrupt withdrawal.

Do not stop taking Actiq without first checking with your doctors. Regular use will produce physical dependency in a few weeks which can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms if you should suddenly stop.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of Actiq?

Because a patient can develop both a physical and psychological addiction to this powerful opioid, Actiq withdrawal can affect people in a number of ways.

Symptoms of an Actiq withdrawal can include: abdominal pain, anxiety, confusion, constipation, hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite, muscle aches, night sweats, rapid breathing, stuffy or runny nose, tremors and general flu-like symptoms.

Clearly those who have used stronger doses of Actiq for long periods of time as well as those who have developed a high tolerance to pain medication will experience the most severe Actiq withdrawals.

What is Actiq detox?

Due to the fact that Actiq is only prescribed for long-term severe pain problems, patients must taper down slowly under a knowledgeable physicians care, or and through a detox center for 24/7 treatment.


Actiq Withdrawal and Detox

Actiq Withdrawal and Detox



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